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Installing Rhapsody (and other Tools) on Windows

BeitragVerfasst: Juli 16th, 2013, 11:40 am
von wvdheiden
There are many OS‘es on PC‘s possible. When using embedded development tools, this is mostly limited to Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7. Another issue is the bitsize of the OS, 32 or 64.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 are all too old and insecure. They are no longer supported by Microsoft and also by many tool suppliers. They should not not be used. If you really want to: You are on your own!

Windows 8 is too new. Not many tool suppliers already adapted to this new OS. Before installing it, please check if ALL tool suppliers support it for the versions that you want to install. Otherwise: use at your own risk!

Linux BSD UNIX beat Windows with ease. Unfortunately not many tool vendors have adapted to these systems.

Windows XP allows users to install their programs everywhere, default is „c:\Program Files“. In other languages this path is different (e.g. In german „c:\Programme“, in Dutch „c:\Programma‘s“) The name of the used directory is in the registry. Unfortunately not all tool suppliers are aware of that, many tools install in c:\Program Files, regardless of the used language of Windows.
Once installed, files can be changed if the user has sufficient rights to change the Program Directory.
Windows VISTA and Windows 7 act differently. Microsoft now tries to force people to separate data and programs. Good initiative, unfortunately 20 years too late. What you need to install in the Program Directory is sufficient rights and an install program. Other programs can no longer change stuff in the Program Directory. Windows keeps a shadow directory and will, at times, restore the Program Directory if it thinks this is necessary. Having Administrative Rights does not help.
Installing a 32-bit tool in a 64-bit OS causes the tool to be installed in another Program Directory. In english this is called „c:\Program Files (X86)“. The use of „()“ in a path name can cause problems with some tools, especially tools that still use the command-line. So override the standard install and either create your own directory or install in the normal Program Directory.

Re: Installing Rhapsody (and other Tools) on Windows

BeitragVerfasst: Juli 16th, 2013, 11:53 am
von wvdheiden

I personally install all development tools in a separate directory (c:\nd on my computer, you can take any name)
Below that I have a directory for every tool (Rhapsody automatically installs in IBM\Rational\..)
The general policy is to keep path names a short as possible. Remember that many tools were created back in the 8.3 days....
Even Windows 7 has a limited length of the command line

looks like this:


advantage: short path names, everything in one place!