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Classes - part of sequence diagrams

Classes - part of sequence diagrams

Postby petya » September 14th, 2011, 5:20 pm

Hi, everyone. Can you tell me where is the mistake of this condition " if ($name of classes = $name of classifierRole->formalClassifier) then $name else " " "? It gives me a message for syntax error and I tried many ways to change it but without any success up to now.
I would like to ask also if I have a class, which is part of sequence diagram what is the way to show in my report in word that this class is part of some sequence diagram?
It should be something like this:
Class <name of class>:
Referenced by Sequence diagram:
- <name of sequence diagrams where this class contains>
If you have any ideas I would be grateful if you share them with me.
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Re: Classes - part of sequence diagrams

Postby simonmorrish » January 15th, 2012, 1:27 am

Hi again Petya.

To list sequence diagrams for a class, you can use one of the solutions in this post: "Report on specific package: Outer access".

Your code needs square brackets around the names of the collections:
Code: Select all
if ($name of [classes] = $name of [classifierRole] -> [formalClassifier]) then $name else " "
But I'm sure you've solved that for yourself by now!

However, I doubt that's going to achieve what you want: $name of [classes] will return a comma-separated list of the names of every class. If this is still of interest to you, could you explain what you were trying to achieve, and I'll see if I can suggest a way to achieve it.

best regards,
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