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Automate Gateway Export

Automate Gateway Export

Postby JaMey » March 12th, 2010, 4:40 pm

Hello all,

we have a large model in use. In this model we have to update the requirements to the model regularly. Because of the size the time to do this is very long. So we would like to do this job automatically during the night.
Therefore i have the following questions: Has someone experiences with automating the Gateway export? And do you use a batch process or the Java API?

Thanks for your help
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Re: Automate Gateway Export

Postby andyl » June 1st, 2010, 4:52 pm

Although there is a published API for Gateway - it doesn't expose all of the functions that it's capable of - so it's easier to use Gateway's own scripting language.
For example create a (text) file with a .br extension (doesn't matter what you call it) in the Gateway\config\otscript directory:

(Example files are also attached:
example files for invoking a batch Rhapsody-Doors sync
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METHOD Application.customRhpDoorsSync() : {
basicOpenFromRhapsody(TRUE); activate; menuRhapsodyDoorsSync; kernel.quit;

This defines a new function that you can call from your script.
The function basically does 3 things:
1. Opens gateway (it assumes Rhapsody is already running) and automatically answers Yes to the 'do you want to reload' question.
2. Activates the same function that would have been activated had you as a user right-clicked in Rhapsody and selected Sync with DOORS - and do not show the synchronize dialog if it has already been configured
3. Quits

You can then invoke the function in your script by calling:
<RhpDir>\Gateway\bin.w32\rg.exe" -exec customRhpDoorsSync

Note that this still invokes the Gateway User Interface - in 7.52 there will be a batch mode whereby you can invoke these functions without invoking the UI

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