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Using Rhapsody API in C++

how to access or perform things by using the Rhapsody API (not how to use the UI)

Using Rhapsody API in C++

Postby Praktikant » December 7th, 2009, 3:11 pm

hello all,

I have a big problem with understanding C++ API from Rhapsody. I looked in Rhapsody_API_manual, but did not find much.
Is there actually some other reference or better small sample with those issues??

What I need to do is:
1) get all packages and classes
2) to instance classes
3) get all attributes and flow ports from INSTANCES.
4) to generate events
5) to connect flow ports

1) the first issue is easy.(copy and paste the sample from Rhapsody_API_manual).
2) To solve the second I use that function: "p->addGlobalObject(instName, classesName, packageName, (IRPRelation**) &ptrInst);"
But I can't tell if its the right one. The objects are added in Rhapsody, but I can't cast the ptrInst pointer to IRPInstance.
3) and now I can't go any futher, bacause a don't have IRPInstance

could somebody please show his code in C++ or at least tell what functions are to be used.

I thank you in advance.
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Using Rhapsody API in C

Postby Bingomaster » November 27th, 2014, 4:19 pm

Ive also got a problem with using the addFile api function.
I get a bouncyCastle error when i try to upload pdf files.
I already understand that this is because the PDF is secured, but can you tell me why i cant upload secure pdfs and how this could be solved?
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