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Having several eclipse environment installed on one machine

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Having several eclipse environment installed on one machine

Postby Gert Summer » September 19th, 2007, 10:38 pm


I have Eclipse and WindRiver WorkBench installed on my machine.
When I try to import a project from eclipse (Tools->import from Eclipse ) then Rhapsody is launching the WindRiver WorkBench project export Wizard instead of the desired Eclipse Export Wizard...

Any idea ? :idea:


Gert Summer
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Postby Admin » September 21st, 2007, 11:12 am

during installation rhapsody asks for the eclipse path... this path information (onyl one...) is stored in the ini file. Whenever you lauch the eclipse integration services Rhapsody is refrering to that information....

so in principle you can only connect to one eclipse environemnt in Rhapsody (create eclipse configuration, import from eclipse, navigate to eclipse etc .... from Rhapsody) - looks like that there is some place for improvment of the tool :roll:

In order to change the desired eclipse envionment you can change the ini file before Rhapsody start-up

In my case for example I've added several eclipse environemnts under IDE. The one you want to use is uncommented (n #-sign)


    #EclipsePath=C:\Program Files\QNX Software Systems\Momentics\IDE4\eclipse\qde.exe
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